Senior High School

subanen students

Asian Institute offers the most advanced Senior High School Program in the region. It is the ONLY full online, app-based and flexible learning system.

As of 2021, SAI has more than 1,000 senior high school students! Our Senior High School offers the following strands:
Arts and Design- Performing Arts in Dance
Arts and Design- Visual Arts / Drawing Fine Arts
Arts and Design- Photography
TVL- Programming NC IV
TVL- Architectural Drafting NC II
TVL- Computer Systems NC II
TVL- 2D/3D Animation NC III
TVL- Agriculture NC III
TVL- Agriculture NC I+ II

Too Modern. Technology-driven. Southeast Asian Institute is the PIONEER in APP-BASED, FLEXIBLE LEARNING SYSTEM in the Philippines.

No more stress printed modules and irrelevant lessons. We develop our own modules and learning activities are designed in true outcomes-based, output-driven approaches.

For Enrollment, please contact the REGISTRAR.

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